Newspaper reports continued.

Western Gazette - Friday 25 March 1887


THE JUBILEE. —On Saturday last, a public meeting was held the Old School-room to consider what steps should taken to celebrate the Queen's jubilee. There were present: Rev.W. M. Leir. rector (in the chair), Messrs. C Welch, J. Bown. J. Jeans. G. Corp, J. Look, T. Vincent. W. Longman, J. Francis, E. King, &c— The Chairman said he should be glad to hear any suggestion from those present to the best manner in which to celebrate the Queen's jubilee.—Mr. T. Vincent proposed that a subscription be made to give a dinner all the inhabitants of the parish.— Mr. C. Welch seconded, and thought if there was any overplus should devoted towards repairing the churchyard wall, which was in a very dilapidated state. Mr. Jeanes proposed that almshouses be built In the parish. —Mr. Welch said this would be a very good thing it could be carried out, but thought it very unlikely that enough money could be obtained Ditcheat for this purpose.— Mr. Look proposed that chapel-of-ease be erected at Alhampton.—Mr. Vincent said if they were not favourable to the dinner scheme, they might put a new organ in the Parish Church.—Mr. Francis proposed that water should be brought into the village, and would give £5 towards that object; and another gentleman suggested that new wall should be built the churchyard, and main entrance placed in the centre, and the churchyard, through which there is a footpath, made private.—Mr. Bown said all the above projects would cost money, and he thought enough could not obtained in Ditcheat but as to the dinner, he thought that good plan, it would not cost much.— Mr. C. Welch said be estimated the cost the dinner and tea to the children about £80, and if 40 farmers would give £2 each, that would sufficient defray the expanses. One or two gentlemen in the room dissented from this, and after further discussion, was decided to adjourn the meeting.

Western Gazette - Friday 10 January 1890


SALE OF WORK.—On Tuesday evening. A sale of useful and fancy articles was held the in the school-room attached to the Wesleyan Chapel, aid of the chapel funds. In the centre of the room was huge Christmas tree, which was brilliantly illuminated with Chinese, lanterns and fairy lamps, and well laden with a variety of articles. Round the room were stalls, on which a number of useful articles were arranged. Light refreshments were provided, and the proceedings were enlivened ,with selections on the pianoforte. The following were the stall holders :—Mesdames Jeanes, Jones, and Colin Clarke, Misses Harding, Look, Welsh, Fear, and Chappell. There was good attendance, and most of the articles disposed of.

ENTERTAINMENT.—On Friday evening, an entertainment, consisting readings and song, was given in the Reading-room, in aid of the funds of that institution. The Committee desire to express their thanks to those ladies and gentlemen who so kindly assisted to make the entertainment a success. The following programme rendered :—Instrumental selection (violins and piano) Mr Norris, Miss Huntly, Master Huntly, Master Seymour; song, "The Old Brigade," Mr. Norris; song. Robin is shy” (encored), Miss Stone ; reading. Rev. C Leir. " Mrs. Brown's Mistake " (encored), Mrs. and Mr Norman song, "Called Back" (encored), Mr. King ; song. “Muddle Puddle Porter" (encored), Mr. H. Roles; duet, Misses Vincent; song. "Surely" (encored). Miss Barber , song "The Cork Leg" (encored), Mr. G. Norris song “Tit for Tat" (encored), Miss Stone; song, "Three Beggars” Rev. C. Leir ; song, "Monarch of the Woods" (encored) Mr. Vincent ; song, "Trafalgar" (encored), Mr. Norman; song (comic), "How d'ye do'" (encored), Mr. H. Roles; “God, Save the Queen."

Shepton Mallet Journal - Friday 18 March 1892


Service of Song.—On Monday evening m last week the Wesleyan Chapel was crowded with appreciative audience, the attraction being service sacred song in aid of the Band of Hope. The local choir was ably conducted Mr. Cummings and augmented by Messrs. J. P. Barber, J. H Koberts, J Keniston, A. Chubb, and others The service chosen was entitled “‘Father come home”, and the connective readings were given by Mr. MacMillan, Castle Cary.

Shepton Mallet Journal - Friday 11 August 1893


All lovers of our old Church and her services will rejoice to hear that the strain which has been threatening to sever the relationship of the rector and the ringers, has been relieved ; and on Sunday last the bells were rung for morning service. Both the rector and the ringers will receive the thanks of the whole parish for thus ending a dispute which not only tended to foster personal ill-feeling, but also struck deadly blow at Church unity. Give and take measures have filled up the breach which can never re-opened, as long it is fortified by gentleness and patience on the one side, and forbearance and duty the other,

Wells Journal - Thursday 08 December 1898



MARRIAGE. —On Thursday afternoon the parish church the marriage took place Mr. Arthur Herbert Tilley and Miss Edith Anna Look, second daughter of Mr. George Look, Lower farm, Sutton. The service was choral, and was conducted by the Rev. C. E. Leir, rector. The bride, who was attended by her three sisters as bridesmaids, was given away her father. As the bridal party entered the church the organist (Mr. G. Morris) played a wedding voluntary, and the commencement the service the hymn 44 “The Voice that Breathed O'er Eden " was sang. As the register was being signed 44 “How Welcome was the Call” was sung, and as the happy couple left the church the organist played Mendelssohn's 44 “Wedding March." Merry peals were rung on the church bells during the afternoon, and the Union Jack was hoisted on the tower. There was a large number of useful and valuable presents.